Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is one of the most important items for any foreign traveler. In Russia almost all medical services are now fee based for Russian citizens and foreigners alike. However, the Russian insurance system has not yet integrated completely into the international insurance system. Therefore, if you arrive with your own insurance policy from your own country, few Russian health care establishments will be able to accept the policy in the event that you fall ill, and will require additional payment.

For a moderate cost, all students studying at the University for more than four weeks are presented with the opportunity to purchase a Russian medical insurance policy. This is the same policy that all of the staff and students of the university are covered by. The policy provides guaranteed medical care in the city's medical facilities.


studying from five to seven weeks 45 USD
studying from eight to eleven weeks 75 USD
studying from twelve to twenty-four weeks 137 USD
studying from six to twelve months 151 USD

Please note that the payment must be made in cash (rubles), according to the Central bank currency rate for day of your arrival (but not less than 1$ = 30 rubles).

Processing the insurance policy is done during the first three days after arrival at the time of visa registration in room 305.