Advanced Russian: Proficient User

Advanced Russian. Proficient user
Third level (C1)

This programme is addressed to those who have B2 (TRKI-II) upon arrival to Russia and want to improve their knowledge of language. This course showed its good advantage among foreign trainees, students, postgraduates, tourists and businessmen.

Duration:+ 14 weeks (=280 hours) to your language level B2

Results: You improve your Russian grammar, speech and writing skills, you understand texts from cultural and official spheres of communication.Graduates are able to maintain dialogues using various communication strategies, while supporting opinions at length within a situation of free-talk.Graduate vocabulary expands to include up to 12 000 words.

Fourth level (C2)

This course is for those who have got C1-level (TRKI-III) and want to put into practice and use language knowledge and skills in occupational sphere. This programme is especially valuable for foreign researchers and teachers of Russian.

Duration: + 9 weeks (=180 hours) to your language level C1.

Results: Graduates understand and are able to adequately interpret original texts in any topic area and style, including abstract, philosophical, professional, journalistic and artistic texts. Graduates are able to compose their own texts reflecting their individual ideas and opinions pertaining to the subject of discussion, and are able to fully understand the content of radio and television programs, film excerpts, official speeches, etc. Graduates are able to fulfill with ease all the requirements of monologue and dialogue communication.