I really liked working in my group. I thought my teachers were competent.
I want to thank all of my teachers. As arule, my classes were interesting. I was satisfied with all of my lessons.
I studied here for 2 months. Most of all I liked my individual lessons, since they were very effective and gave me the chance to visit other cities in Russia. My teachers explained everything simply and clearly. With them Russian came easily to me. And one more advantage: in the dorms I had a Russian roommate. It is really good when foreign students who have just arrived in Russia can be helped by Russian students. It is useful for both the foreign and the Russian student, because both have the opportunity to practice speaking a foreign language. I liked living in the dorms and in Russia as a whole. Thank you.
I arrived only a few days ago, but I already like my teachers. They are very patient, speak slowly so that I can understand better, answer all my questions, and don’t give more homework than a student can do.
I especially liked Conversation and Grammar class. Our teacher was very good and was an interesting teacher.
I particularly liked Conversation and Phonetics. Our teacher taught me very well and helped me to understand Russian.
During my stay in St. Petersburg, in the evening when the sun set in it’s particular Petersburg way, I often took short walks from my house to the Gulf of Finland where I could see Kronshtadt Island and the buildings on the Baltic coast. There on the extremely polluted shore, I tried to gather all my thoughts about this strange and beautiful country to which I had decided to devote so much of my time. At the present time, looking at my computer screen in my comfortable, air-conditioned apartment in my typical, unremarkable city in the center of America, I am forced to wait for next summer to continue my adventures in Russia.
During my first few weeks in St. Petersburg, I felt as if I had been swallowed by a huge city. I spent the remainder of my time searching for my own way through a country and culture which has so little in common with the world that I am familiar with. Those impressions and emotions, which I experienced living and studying in St. Petersburg, are something that strongly influenced what type of person I have become. My teachers at the St. Petersburg University helped transfer Russian from the written page to life. Having gotten so much from this experience, I now know that I will return to Russia to visit my friends and to share their culture with my family and with other people.
Dear Friend and Colleague Boris (and fellow musician!), My son, Matthew, has returned and to me he speaks wonderfully. Thank you! All of his reports tell how excellent his time in St. Petersburg was. You, Prof. Yurkov, and all the members of the University's Russian and Language Culture Institute have done a great job for the students. I hope we can stay in contact for many years as friends and colleagues. I will certainly recommend your Institute to those interested in learning Russian language and culture. All the best to you, Professor,Ed Jankovic.
Good afternoon, I just want to thank you, i studied at the university last week and it was really 2 fantastic weeks. Teachers were very nice and very serious ( i was group 11)... I made progress and i really happy about this experience. Thanks for all to a next time perhaps Best regards Joanna