Russian Language Testing

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language

Testing in Saint Petersburg State University’s (SPbSU) Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI) programs is maintained in the Testing Center of foreign citizens at the Russian Language and Culture Institute.

The Russian Language Testing Center provides state testing for foreign citizens in Russian as a Foreign Language (TRKI/TORFL), Russian citizenship testing and testing of business Russian language competency.

The testing system for the Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI) programs is specially designed to accurately reflect a student’s level of Russian proficiency (levels of TRKI) irrespective of the location, duration or form of his or her previous language education. Graduates obtain a certificate of completion corresponding to their level of proficiency (levels of TRKI). 

Compulsory testing is required for all foreign students at SPbSU. For students and trainees studying at Saint Petersburg longer than 3 months, entrance and exit testing is also required.


Tests of Russian as a foreign language:

  • Elementary level (ТЭУ)/ A1
  • Basic level (ТБУ)/ A 2
  • First level (TRKI-1)/ B1
  • Second level (TRKI-2)/ B2
  • Third level (TRKI-3)/ C1
  • Fourth level (TRKI-4)/ C2
  • Russian citizenship test
  • Tests of Russian for Business Communication)


Director of the Center - Kazakov Vladimir Pavlovich

Deputy Director - Nesterova Tatiana Evgenievna

Tel. (7-812) 323 4287 , (7-812) 325 1124
Fax: (7-812) 323 4287
Office 213, Bld. 11/2, Nab. Leitenanta Shmidta, St.Petersburg, 199034, Russia.
E-mail: [email protected]