Russian language and Russian culture in the aspect of Russian as a foreign language

Department of Russian as a foreign language and methods of its teaching of the Faculty of Philology, Saint Petersburg State University starts enrollment to master program “Russian language and Russian culture in the aspect of Russian as a foreign language”.

The program aims to prepare highly-qualified specialists in the filed of Russian as a foreign language (RKI). It comprises all general courses, affording master students to expand their perception of contemporary linguistic research in the given field, of cultural linguistics as a science, of linguistic and didactic basics of language competence testing, of grammar in RKI aspect, as well as of contemporary theories of teaching foreign languages and linguistic theory of text. The program also includes special courses introducing various approaches to functional-communicative and cultural-linguistic description of the Russian language.

In-depth study of various approaches to semantic and pragmatic peculiarities of common mistakes made by foreigners in oral and written Russian speech will afford master students further independently develop methods of description of Russian as a foreign language for practical purposes.

The trainees will get acquainted with contemporary tendencies in development of vocabulary frame of the Russian language, learn to make a system and contrastive analysis of phonetic and grammar phenomena, obtain experience of educational lexicography and complex syntactical unit analysis.

It is important to note that master students will gain unique knowledge on cultural linguistic identity of the Russian language, axiological dominants of the national character, specific character of Russian verbal behaviour, precedentness of Biblical nature, Russian paremiology, Russian symbols and metaphors. Training at the programme will help trainees master the contemporary methods of description of Russian sphere of concepts.

Authors of the program “Russian language and Russian culture in the aspect of Russian as a foreign language” aim to form a scientific perception of general text categories, its composition and cognitive structure, teach students methods of analysis and interpretation of texts of different genres, analyze peculiarities of text perception. Considerable attention is drawn to increase of the foreign language competence level, affording to perform daily tasks in professional communication.

Training is held in Russian. Please inform about your intention to study at a master program no later that March, 1, 2010, by email: [email protected] Foreign students who succeed to enter the program will be accommodated in Saint Petersburg university campus.