What about clubs&sports?

You should not think of St. Petersburg as only an "open-air museum". It’s not just a place for visiting exhibitions and sightseeing. In the Northern Capital of Russia there are a variety of recreational opportunities, such as sports and dance clubs.

For those who want to stay in shape, there are many fitness centers and sports clubs through the city. The range of services is wide — from shaping and callanetics to yoga.

For those who love water sports, St. Petersburg has many pools which offer specialized activities such as water-aerobics, and water polo. Also, one would not visit Russia without visiting a banya (a traditional Russian bathhouse). This experience can prove to be both culturally enriching and physically relaxing-- a great way to escape the bite of winter.

The city has many specialized sporting opportunities: from fencing, to football, to dancing, to martial arts, and much more.

Just outside of town, there are opportunities to ski in the winter. Other primarily winter activities easily found are hockey and figure skating.

If sports aren't your thing, Saint Petersburg also offers a rich nightlife. Clubs pumping the latest tunes from around the world are open till dawn, much later than in many countries. Depending on the club, prices can range from economic to extravagant.

Saint Petersburg, Europe's third largest city, is sure to offer you what you are looking for outside of school, because every student of Russia knows that learning about Russia extends way beyond the classroom.