Russian as a foreign language at the Russian Language and Culture Institute (SPbU)

Programs at the Russian Language and Culture Institute

The most interesting and easiest way to learn Russian language is to do it in Russia in Saint Petersburg. If you decided to study the Russian language in Russia, Saint Petersburg State University and its Russian Language and Culture Institute of the Philological Departmentare proud to offer russian courses for foreign citizens in its Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI) programs. Russian language programmes vary in level, duration, intensity and professional focus. We offer Russian courses in Russia starting and finishing whenever it is convenient for you. Our programmes of Russian language have already proven extremely valuable for numerous foreign graduates, students, teachers, businessmen, government employees and scholars.

Instruction is held either in groups or individually. The standard programme of Russian language for group classes is intended for students, beginning to study language, and consists of 20 academic hours per week, Monday through Friday (1 academic hour = 45 minutes). Each group consists of 8-12 persons. Students may combine Russian language lessons with classes in Russian cultural studies. So we offer you to study Russian literature, culture and history. All programmes of Russian language, except the preparatory 10-month program for enrollment in Russian universities, have rolling admission. To learn Russian in St Petersburg language you may chose group classes or individual tuition. Our Russian language lessons are spent all year round, so that you may choose the term and period of your tuition.

To enable our trainees to study Russian language at our Russian language courses in St Petersburg special audio and video materials are widely implemented, and classrooms are equipped with interactive multimedia boards. Upon Russian language courses completion students obtain a certificate from the Philological Faculty of Saint Petersburg State University and have the opportunity to take the State Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).