General course of Russian.

First level (B1)

To enroll for this programme you are supposed to have basic knowledge of Russian. This course is for you if you are a tourist or a businessman or the Russian language is the main (or supplementary) subject for you.

Duration: + 19 weeks (=460 hours) to your language level A2

Results: Graduates possess the ability to read small texts from newspapers, magazines and books, understanding the general meaning of the texts, some details and the author's conclusions. Graduates are able to write a text of 20 sentences about themselves, their family, studies, working day, leisure time, hometown, health, and the weather. Graduates understand dialogues within a wide range of situations of everyday communication and are able to express individual opinions. Graduates understand oral announcements, news, containing social and cultural information. Graduate vocabulary totals about 2300 words.

Second level (B2)

This programme is addressed to those foreign trainees, students and postgraduates who need the Russian language as a professional or supplementary subject. This course is also directed to foreign tourists and business people.

Duration: + 19-23 weeks (=380-460 hours) to your language level B1

Results: Graduates are able to read various journalistic and artistic texts while clearly understanding the opinions expressed by the author. Graduates are able to write outlines, thesis-papers, text abstracts, and texts in the form of personal or business letters. Graduates are able to understand dialogues concerning everyday subjects with clearly expressed speakers’ opinions, and are able to speak about what they have seen, express their individual opinions and analyze problems within a situation of free-talk. Graduate vocabulary increases to include up to 10 000 words.