Russian Studies

The Russian Studies program is designed for foreign students wishing to obtain a general and all-encompassing impression of Russia and its place in the world.Students focus their russian study on the historical, cultural, theological, geographical, linguistic and ethnological aspects of the country and region.

The objective of the program is to provide foreign students with an essential understanding of modern Russia and its history, with which every Russian citizen is familiar. In doing so, the program helps students better understand modern Russian life and thus seeks to improve students’ communicative abilities vis-à-vis representatives of Russian culture.

Students can supplement their Russian language classes with one of the following programs:

Russian studies- Short course (8 hours): 60 USD

  • General milestones of Russian history and their reflection in the Russian national consciousness (2 hours).
  • Great names in Russian history (2 hours).
  • Russian artistic culture: What every Russian knows (2 hours).
  • Russian national character: Who we are (2 hours)

Russian studies- Extended course (36 hours): 270 USD


Geographic peculiarities of Russia: Their role in development of modern Russian society (4 hours)

Russian history and its reflection in the Russian national conscience (6 hours).

Great names in Russian History (4 hours).

Russian artistic culture: The center of Russia’s artistic world view (6 hours).

Religion and atheism in Russia: Co-existence of and cooperation between denominations; The historical and cultural role of Russian Orthodoxy (2 hours).

Saint Petersburg, its cultural and spiritual role in the development of Russia and the formation of its ethnical conscience: Customs and traditions (2 hours).

Russian mentality and national character (4 hours).

Russian linguistic worldview and verbal communication (4 hours).

Russian reality: customs and traditions; superstitions and fears (4 hours).