Accommodation in a host family

Russian Language and Culture Institute offers international students various accommodation options in Saint Petersburg including student dormitories, host families, rented apartments.

When possible accommodations will be arranged in accordance with your request.


Accommodation in a host family 

All families where we accommodate our students have been working with us for many years. Most of the families live near or not very far from the University in the historical centre of St.Petersburg. We have long-established contacts with several Russian families who have proved to be hospitable, friendly, and reliable. We check the accommodation quality regularly and pay special attention to communication with our students in Russian helping them to improve the language skills and cultural awareness. 

Obligatory services given to the students for basic fee:

separate room;
meals (breakfast+supper)* if it is foreseen be the accommodation outline;
change linen and towels;
use of kitchen only in the bounds of agreement with the hostess.

According to the agreement with the hostess plus for the extra fee: use of everyday machines (washing machine, refrigerator, computer with Internet access etc.), international phone calls. 

*The breakfast example:

- porridge,

- egg or sandwich,

- tea or coffee and sugar. 


The supper example:

- vegetable salad,

- meat (fish/chicken/sausages) about 150 gramm with side-dish,

- bread,

- tea.

The other variants equivalent in price are possible, according to the taste of student.


Fruit, juices, mineral water, honey, pastry are not provided for. 


Nota Bene!

-Usually it’s not advisable to invite your friends in a host family, but you may have guests only with the hostess permission and agreement.

-It’s not recommended to drink tap water, it’s better to buy it. For shower and teeth tap water is not dangerous.

-If you are planning to be late out in the city please inform your host family in advance.


Specific conditions of your accommodation with a host family are agreed upon in advance (via e-mail). 

Payment procedure

- Please note that the payment must be made in cash (rubles), according to the Central bank currency rate for day of your arrival (but not less than 1$ = 30 rubles).

- You should pay for 4 weeks in advance during the first 3 days upon your arrival.

- You pay cash your hostess in rubles according to the following prices.


Summer prices (from 20th of May, 2011)



2 weeks and more


200 USD per week (28,5 USD per day)

breakfast + supper

231 USD per week (33 USD per day)


All prices are given for the accommodation of 1 person in a room.

An accommodation per 1 person in a room without meals is possible for the period of 1 month and longer for 400 USD per month (only upon a certain request).