The World Festival of Russian language

Are you studying Russian language? Do you love Russian culture? Do you want to learn more about Russia?

You have a unique opportunity to test your knowledge of the Russian language and try your best at the II International Festival of Russian language!

Festival of Russian language is a mixture of online tests on the knowledge of Russian language, the exhibition of latest grammar, theory and language pedagogy books, Russian song contests and quizzes. More of that, it’s master classes, seminars, round tables, Holidays of Russian in Europe, Asia, Africa, America!

A bit of history: in 2010-2011 the I World Festival of Russian language was held. In November 2011, in St. Petersburg came more than 600 participants from 72 countries of the world!

How to become a part of the festival and join the community of experts of the Russian language and Russian culture? Get free admission tickets ( and run the online quiz. First round winners will participate in the II round and we will invite the finalists to the final event of the Festival to St. Petersburg in 2014.
Russian language competition held for the following categories of members residing outside of the Russian Federation:
- Students for whom Russian is a foreign language;
- Anyone with no age restrictions for which the Russian language is a foreign language;
- Russian teachers;
- Compatriots.

Do not miss the opportunity to test your knowledge of the Russian language and to take part in the most ambitious project that brings together fans of Russian literature from over 100 countries! You can be a participant of the festival here.
 St. Petersburg is waiting for you!