Russian for beginners: Basic User

 Group for absolute beginners will be opened in spring: April 2 and May 14,2013; in summer: June 4 and June 18, 2023 . In case of opening of new groups we will inform about it additionally.Please note that students who need airport pickup service should send their arrival details at least three working days before arrival.

Elementary level (A1)

This basic course for beginners is addressed to foreign trainees, students and businessmen who study Russian as a foreign language and want to feel confident in everyday communication. Special attention is directed to speech practice.



Duration: 12-18 weeks (= 240-360 hours).

Results: Graduates obtain basic knowledge of Russian grammar, and the ability to read and understand simple texts and phrases (signboards, notices and advertisements).

In addition, graduates possess the ability to write and speak about themselves, their family, friends, and work and leisure activities , using a vocabulary consisting of about 760 words.

Basic level (A2)

This programme is useful for those who have already obtained the elementary level of Russian as a foreign language. This course gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge in culture, community and consumer activities. Special attention is given to speech practice and writing.

Duration: +12 weeks (= 240 hours) to your language level.

Results: Graduates are able to read and understand short authentic texts and adapted texts from newspapers, and to write short personal letters and letters of congratulation. In addition, graduates are able to maintain conversation flow while communicating in everyday situations and discussing topics including themselves, their family, studies, work, hometown and the weather.Their vocabulary totals about 1300 words.