«Days of Russian Philology»: for the first time on the Neva banks!

Monday, March 29th, 2010
Russian Society of teachers of Russian as a foreign language and Russian Language and Culture Institute in association with Federal Agency of education and Federal Target Programme "Russian Language" hold on April, 21-23, 2010 Days of Russian Philology in Saint Petersburg.

The aim of series of events under the common name "Days of Russian Philology" is to popularize Russian language and culture among citizens of Russian Federation. To stimulate the interest towards the culture of the Russian speech, to discover its rich notional capabilities and expressiveness, to activate linguistic and literature creativity - these are the tasks that the "Days" organizers are aiming to fulfill.

Within the framework of the «Days of Russian Philology» are round table talks on burning issues of Russian language and culture, seminars, lectures, master-classes, exhibitions of study materials and methodical literature. For example, on April, 21 the seminars "Speech of the youth and dynamic tendencies of the contemporary Russian language", "Culture of Russian speech as a reflection of Russian culture" will take place. April, 22 will be marked by master class on Russian slang words. On April, 23 at Philological department of Saint Petersburg State University an outstanding Russian novelist, president of Russian pen-club Andrei Bitov will deliver his lecture on Russian language as an international language.

Of special interest is a contest of essays "Russian language: how I see it tomorrow" for residents of Saint Petersburg - journalists, philologists and students of philological departments. The winners will receive valuable gifts, including the main prize - a trip in a Russian delegation to festivities of Russian philology to the countries of America, Europe, Africa and Asia. These events will take place this year within the framework of Global Russian Language Festival.

For additional information on participation in Days of Russian Philology, call to Russian Language and Culture Institute 7-(812) 320-98-94, 325-11-32, 323-46-82 or send email to: [email protected]