Russian Language and Culture Institute under the rays of “Slavonic light”.

The second international festival of Slavonic cultures “Slavonic light - 2010” took place in Estonia. This event was organized in the town of Jõhvi with the support of Russian Language and Culture Institute, the Committee for Culture of St.Petersburg, the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Consulate General of Belorussia and civil authorities of Jõhvi, Toyla and Kingisepp towns on the 10-th of July 2010.

The “Slavonic light” spreads its rays in one of the largest Russian-speaking regions of the European Union.

The town of Jõhvi is the public authority of Ida-Virumaa municipality and is situated in immediate proximity to the border of the Russian Federation. It ranks second as the highest Russian-speaking population size in Estonia after Tallinn (about 78%). Russian Language and Culture Institute participation in this festival is a response to an increasing interest of the Russian language in Estonia. According to “Population figure and composition” statistics about 30% of the total Estonian population consider Russian to be their native language, 58.6% speak Russian and about 68% of all Estonian population are able to express in Russian. Increasing interest in the Russian language is also traced among the Estonian youth. About 40% want to study Russian for travelling, another 30% - for their future career.

Public opinion poll among schools of Jõhvi and Narva towns surveyed by “Inforing” Baltic publishing house showed stable interest in high education in Russia. About 30% of schoolstudents want to get their high education in Russia and are mostly interested in psychology, international relations, journalism, management, medicine and art. They are also attracted to law, economics, philology, sociology, applied mathematics and mechanics.

Russian-Estonian increasing bilateral trade, inflows of Russian funds to Estonia and development of the tourist sector intensify the interest of Estonian business circles to the Russian language.

Thus, Russian Language and Culture Institute participation in the “Slavonic light” festival made it possible for its’ guests to know more about the programmes of the Russian language offered nowadays. Particular attention was given to programmes for testing of Russian language competence, preparatory programmes for enrollment to Saint Petersburg State University and other universities of Russia and business Russian courses.