«French test» for new course of advanced training


New course of advanced training, that was held in July, 18-29, 2011, at the Russian Language and Culture Institute of Saint Petersburg University, evoked lively response of the French pedagogues.

Visit of French specialists in Russian philology to Russia is more a good tradition than a latest thing, since International center of pedagogical research CIEP annually sends teachers from France to tuition programs at the Russian universities. However, this year advanced training course has gone far beyond the boundaries of the "pure methods".


Altogether with the most important issues of teaching Russian as a foreign language within a 60-hour course participants discussed the subjects bound up with Russia's internal life: political system, youth culture, contemporary symbols of Russia, economy, cinema, literature, education, protection of family and childhood etc. Seminar «Concept «Russia» in the field of mass media» afforded its participants to obtain an "outward glance" at the country, classes "Internet in the practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language" acquainted them with new professional web resources.


The 10-day program, elaborated by experts of Russian Language and Culture Institute together with International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) showed its unique value: on one hand, French teachers obtained systematized knowledge of today's Russia, on another hand - managed to establish an open dialogue with Russian colleagues and share the best practices of teaching Russian as a foreign language.


Interested comments of French pedagogues, among them teachers from Paris, Havre, Marseilles, Brest and other regions of the country, confirm that obtained competence will be successfully put into practice in realization of the communicative approach of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Unanimity showed by foreign guests in their wish to visit St.Petersburg University next year, underlines that new course has been successfully approved.