The Russian Language and Culture Institute


Students from over 95 countries of the world study in the University annually. The educational process in the University in actualized in Russian, that’s why the Institute becomes a starting point for each foreign student to enroll in a Russian university and join university society.

The Russian Language and Culture Institute (RLCI) consists of a team of top professionals - teachers of Russian language aiming to popularize, maintain, develop and study Russian language and cultural heritage; the Institute possesses all necessary resources to teach Russian, test Russian language competence, join in scientific and methodological fields and carry out wide-scale cultural projects.

The institute is a subdivision of Saint-Petersburg State University – the oldest educational establishment in Russia, which is in the top 10 universities of the world (UNESCO data). Established in 1724 as a center of Russian science and education, it now includes over 32 000 students of the 20 departments of the University. Saint-Petersburg State University granted the world eight Nobel Prize laureates, President and Prime Minister of Russia, many noted scientists, scholars, art and cultural workers.

The Institute’s areas of activity

Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI). RLCI is proud to offer practical courses of Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI). Programmes of Russian as a foreign language vary in level, duration, intensity and professional focus: preparatory enrollment programs, the Russian Language for the Humanities, the Russian Language for Natural Sciences, Business Russian Language, summer programs of Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI).

Testing of Russian as a Foreign Language

Each alumnus (graduate) has an opportunity to take the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language and obtain a State Certificate of appropriate level of language. Testing in Saint Petersburg State University’s Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI) programs is maintained in the Testing Center of foreign citizens at RLCI. The Center provides state testing for foreign citizens in Russian as a Foreign Language (TRKI/TORFL), Russian citizenship testing and testing of business Russian language competency.

Methodological cooperation

The Institute is a subdivision of the Philological Faculty of Saint Petersburg State University and is affiliated with the Russian Society ofTeachers of Russian LanguageandLiterature (ROPRYAL)and theInternational Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL).

Close cooperation with academic, research, educational institutions and other organizations let us arrange seminars, advanced training programs for foreign teachers of Russian, theoretical and practical workshops and conferences on topical problems of studying Russian language and literature, write custom-made textbooks and tutorials.

Cultural programs


Russian Language and Culture Institute offers its trainees not only programmes of Russian as a foreign language but various excursion and cultural programmes as well. Each Russian language course may be accompanied with cultural program.


To study and learn in Russia at Russian language courses in RLCI is to combine Russian language lessons with vivid impressions of St Petersburg and Russia, so you may start your Russian language course in St Petersburg in the vibrant environ of Russia's cultural capital, Saint Petersburg.


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