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In this section you will find publications and study materials on Russian language and literature developed with assistance of the Russian Language and Culture Institute.


Scentific-methodological magazine «Mir russkogo slova», created under the auspices of Russian Society of the Teachers of the Russian Language and Literature (ROPRYAL).

  • Mir russkogo slova. 2009. № 1
  • Mir russkogo slova. 2009. № 2
  • Mir russkogo slova. 2009. № 3
  • Mir russkogo slova. 2009. № 4
  • Archive of the magazine:

Study materials on Russian language and literature

Gonchar I.A. What Russians hear (philological profile): study complex for foreigners learning Russian. — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS Publishing house, 2009.

Zinovieva E.I., Yurkov E.E. Cultural linguistics: theory and practice. — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2009.

Boure N.A., Bystrykh M.V. Linguodidactical training complex «Learning Russian language» (CD). — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2009.

Alexeeva N.А. Glossary-reference book on Russian spelling for foreigners. — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2009.

Ryabova O.V. Vivid phonetics. Audio manual on Russian intonation for foreign trainees. — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2009.

Lazareva O.A. I pass TORFL test — TORFL: Practical guidelines for preparation to test of Russian as a foreign language. — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2009.

Glazunova O.I. Let’s speak Russian. — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2008.

Kolesova D.V., Maslova N.N. Manual on teaching writing «Raduga» (+ CD). — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2008.

Voznesenskaya I.M., Gonchar I.А., Popova Т.I., Fedotova N.L. Training complex «Russkoye pole» (TORFL-II, Part 1). — Saint Petersburg.: MIRS, 2008.