Fields of Study & Research

The Institute’s research activity:

fields of study

1. Study of language & culture: theory and practice

2. Colloquial Russian speech of XVI-XVII cent. Moscow Russia (Rus) dictionary

All information about this project you may find here:

3. Writing textbook and manual sets for all TORFL-levels.

The part I of textbook “Russkoe pole” – basic level was published. The work on part II is being continued.

4. Semantic and functional features of Russian language system (RKI-aspect).

- Writing manuals for theoretical courses of lectures for foreign bachelor students.

- “Modern Russian Speech: problems of standard and evolution of language changes”.

5. Russian as a foreign language teaching methodology

- “Finnish + Russian = X: is multilingual training efficient?”

- Writing textbook and manual sets on practical course of Russian as a foreign language.

- Linguo-methodological analysis of Russian language textbooks (Russia – XVIII cent.)

6. Text theory: problems of text formation. Text interpretation and analysis (RKI-aspect).

- Work on the textbook “Linguistics of text: text formation principles, methods of analysis”.

7. Study of language & culture

- “Russian Metaphor in the aspect of language and culture”

- “Russian traditional character: language and culture research”