Whatever your age and interests are, when you’re living in a big city, it will always be helpful to know where to have lunch, dinner or just relax in the evening listening to live music with a glass of good wine.

In St. Petersburg there are a lot of so-called «national restaurants». The number of these facilities is about one-third to the total number of facilities. The second place is taken by Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. Just a couple of years ago there were few of them, but then there began some «Japanese boom», which resulted in an incredible number of Japanese restaurants («Sakura», «Shogun», «Fujiyama», «Kyoto», etc.) appearing in a relatively short period of time. Now this «boom» has passed. The third place is firmly taken by the representatives of Caucasian cuisine, which have lower prices. Therefore, the Caucasian restaurants confidently occupy a niche in the restaurant market of St. Petersburg and are popular among residents.

Also, the interest fro Italian cuisine seems increasing and that resembles the recently ended «Japanese boom». Over the past few years a number of Italian restaurants in St. Petersburg appeared, the democratic ones as well as designed for demanding customers. Chinese cuisine is presented with «average» prices. The same can be said about the Indonesian, Thai food, and other exotic cuisines.

Tourists are usually advised to choose restaurants based on their location: the large restaurants are always in proximity to large streets or places for a lot of people — shopping malls, theaters, etc. The most prestigious and good areas for the restaurant are the Nevsky Prospect (including Staronevsky) and its side streets, as well as metro station Vladimirskaya, Sennaya, Chernyshevskaya, Technologichesky Institut, Vasileostrovskaya, Petrogradskaya.

Russian national restaurants (Chaynaya Lozhka, Yolki-Palki, Teremok and etc.) seem to be the most popular among the tourists, having the features of the old, aristocratic St. Petersburg. This is due to the fact that those who first arrived in St. Petersburg and just touched its unique history, are always under a strong influence of the beautiful, elegant city of the Imperial Russia.