Faculty of Chemistry

Admission Requirements for foreign citizens

Faculty of Chemistry admits foreign citizens to all basic educational programmes:

Bachelor programme (4 years) – «Chemistry», «Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics of Materials».

Master programme (2 years) – «Analytic Chemistry», «Spectography of Inter and Intromolecular Reacting», «Quantum Chemistry of Molecules and Intermolecular Reacting», «Quantum Chemistry of Solid Substances», «Dispersoidology and Physicochemistry of Superficially Active Substances», «Chemistry and photochemistry of Complex Compounds», «Chemistry of Oxide Systems», «Hyberthermal Chemistry of Complex Compounds», «Chemical Reactions and Multicomponent Aqua Solution Elecrolytes Structures», «Organic Chemistry», «Organic Analytic Chemistry», «Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry. Radiochemical Analytic Methods and Chemical Sensors», «Organic Chemistry Chain Processes, Free-radical Reactions and Metal Complex Catalysis», «Reaction Capacity of Organic Compounds and Reaction Mechanism», «Spectrum Analysis of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Organic Chemistry», «Physical Chemistry of Electrolytes, Ion-exchange and Electron-exchange Processes», «Thermodynamics, Structure and Phase Behavior of Complex Fluid Systems», «High-molecular Compound Chemistry», «Chemistry and Biological Properties of Peptides», «Solid Substances Ionics and Solid Substance Reaction Capacity», «Chemical Thermodynamics of Substances», «Thermodynamics and Kinetics of phasic Chemical Processes», «Electrochemical Research Methods of Complex Systems», «Amorphous Substance Chemistry», «Laser Chemistry», «Laser Materials Chemistry», «Photochemistry».

Foreign citizens may be admitted on a paid basis. Educational process is provided only in Russian language.

For the consideration of the possibility of your education on the individual contract basis you should provide the result of the Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL-I).

For the bachelor & master degree educational programme one should also take an interview in oral form.

The fee does not include accommodation fees, medical service fees, documents processing for the invitation fees, testing fees and other expenses related to residing in the RF.

Payments are provided in Russian rubles.