Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty

Admission Requirements for foreign citizens


Teaching at the Faculty is organized in the following speciality areas: «Mathematics»,  «Applied mathematics»,  «Computer and automated system software», «Mechanics», «Astronomy».


The duration of studies in all specialities is 5 years. On completion of the course, graduates defend a diploma paper and are awarded a Specialist's Diploma in the field "Mechanics, Applied Mathematics".

Obtaining education in this field is also possible through a two-stage system: (1) a 4-year programme leading to a Bachelor's Degree and (2) two years of studies followed by defending a thesis for a Master's Degree.

Students can choose specialization in the following departments:

Section "Mathematics": «Mathematical Analysis, Higher Algebra and Theory of Numbers», «Higher Geometry», «Differential Equations», «Mathematical Physics», «Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics»

Section "Applied Mathematics": «Computational Mathematics», «Parallel Algorithms», «Statistical Simulation», «Operations Research», «Theoretical Cybernetics».


Section "Informatics" (Information Technology): «Computer Science», «System Programming».


Section "Astronomy": «Astrophysics», «Celestial Mechanics», «Astronomy».


Section "Mechanics": «Theoretical and Applied Mechanics», «Hydro- and Aeromechanics», «Theory of Elasticity», «Physical Mechanics», «Hydroelasticity».


Master's Programmes

In the Section of Mechanics, the following programmes are offered: «Theoretical Mechanics», «Stability and Control of Motion», «Mechanics of Solid Body Deformation», «Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plazma», «Biomechanics», «Numerical Methods in Mechanics», «Software for Mechanics»,«Robotechnique», «Computer Mechanics», «Asymptotic Methods of Non-linear Mechanics», «Aero- and Hydroelasticity», «Statistical Mechanics of Continuous Medium».


Foreign citizens may be admitted on a paid basis. Educational process is provided only in Russian language.

For the consideration of the possibility of your education on the individual contract basis you should provide:

the result of the exams on Russian language, Matematics and Physics/Information Science and the result of the Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL):

the 1st level (TORFL-I) for the bachelor degree educational programme,

the 2nd level (TORFL-II) for the master degree educational programme.

The fee does not include accommodation fees, medical service fees, documents processing for the invitation fees, testing fees and other expenses related to residing in the RF.

Payments are provided in Russian rubles.