Faculty of Law

Admission Requirements for foreign citizens

Faculty of law admits foreign citizens to the following educational programmes:

Bachelor programme (4 years) – «Science of law»

Master programme (2 years) - «State and Legal Theory and History, History of Legal Studies», «Constitutional Law and Municipal Law», «Revenue, Budget and Banking Law», «Civil, Marriage and International Private Law», «Enterprise and Commercial Law», «Law of Master and Servant & Social Security Law», «Law of Nature, Ecology and Land», «Criminal Law, Criminology and Executive Criminal Law», «Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Forensic Expertise», «Theory of Criminal Investigation Work», «Civil Procedure and Arbitration Proceeding», «International Public Law and European Law», «Energy Law», «Constitutional Justice»

Foreign citizens may be admitted on a paid basis. Educational process is provided only in Russian language.

For the consideration of the possibility of your education on the individual contract basis you should provide the results of the exams on Russian language, History and Social science.

The fee does not include accommodation fees, medical service fees, documents processing for the invitation fees, testing fees and other expenses related to residing in the RF.

Payments are provided in Russian rubles.