Faculty of Asian and African Studies

Admission Requirements for foreign citizens

Faculty of Asian and African Studies admits foreign citizens to all basic educational programmes:

 -Bachelor programme (4 years) – «Asian and African Studies», «Tourism»

-Master programme (2 years) – «Asian and African Studies» («Asian and African languages», «Asian and African literature», «Asian and African history», «Asian and African cultures», «Asian and African religions», «Asian and African policy and international relations», «Asian and African economics and international business relations», «Mohameddan law»)

 Foreign citizens may be admitted on a paid basis. Educational process is provided only in the Russian language. 

For the consideration of the possibility of your education on the individual contract basis you should provide the result of the Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL):

the 1st level (TORFL-I) for the bachelor degree educational programme,

the 2nd level (TORFL-I, II) for the master degree educational programme.


For the bachelor & master degree educational programme you should also take an interview in the Russian language in oral form about the country of your specialization (language, nations & nationalities, history, political system & government etc.).

 The fee does not include accommodation fees, medical service fees, documents processing for the invitation fees, testing fees and other expenses related to residing in the RF.

Payments are provided in Russian rubles.